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If you don't play Summoner's War, this isn't going to make any sense. If you do, it might not make any sense. But play it, it's free and it's fun!

Naki (Fire Peng)
1 set Energy
1 set Focus
1 set Revenge
Notes: Try to get Accuracy to 100%, best way to stun without Despair runes in conjunction with Revenge. However, focus on HP% primary stats mostly, use Acc. substats instead. This is to maximize the use of Request Battle. Focus to help with stunning, as stated above, and Energy to increase health for obvious reasons.

Toma (Water Peng)
1 set Rage
1 set Blade
Notes: Since Mav is outclassed in the Attack stat by many monsters, it's best to take as much advantage of his third skill as much as possible. Blade so that you aren't totally useless outside of Crush Iceberg, and Rage for obvious reasons. There are a few ways you can go with the stats/substats (try experimenting a little): Attack% primary stats could help in case he doesn't get a crit, Crit Rate stats could help land crits in the first place, Crit Dmg. stats could help punish foes as hard as possible with Crush Iceberg. I personally prefer Attack%, since he can't ALWAYS land crits (unless you get particularly nifty substats, in which case hey!) Wouldn't recommend investing in much else aside from attack, since without heavy investment in his best stat there's literally no reason to use him. If you're running him on a team without a defense lowerer (DON'T), going Fatal/Focus might be more helpful. It depends.

Mav (Wind Peng)
1 set Violent
1 set Energy
Notes: This is to maximize the number of uses of Declare War and Wings of Wind. Being able to use Wings of Wind and then immediately use Declare War could be a huge asset (or vice-versa), and can really help your teammates too. Energy to maximize the effectiveness of Declare War. You should focus on HP% and Attack% stats, try to balance those pretty evenly (you can focus more on HP if you don't care much what his attack is, since he's a support anyway).

Dona (Light Peng)
1 set Violent
1 set Nemesis (Guard/Energy optional, but not recommended)
Notes: Pretty much the same thing as Mav, but instead of focusing on HP (no Declare War on this Peng), it emphasises moving as many times as possible and making use of the highlights of Ready to Attack. Nemesis is preferred on this set, but can make for a squishy peng if you don't have good primaries. Thusly, you should focus on HP or Defense stats and substats to maximize tanking potential while minimizing need for other runes. Though if you want to play it extra safe, you can invest in Guard or Energy runes over Nemesis (stick with the same primary/substat investments though).

Kuna (Dark Peng)
1 set Despair
1 set Energy/Blade
Notes: This ultimately depends what you want out of him, but since he's the only Peng with a group attack ability, Despair is always important. However, if you want to maximize Declare War's potential, you should use Energy, and if you want to focus entirely on hitting hard, Blade is the only helpful thing you can use with Despair. Regardless of which you choose, you should focus on Attack primary stats (maybe with a bit of HP% mixed in there. Also if you're using Blade, wouldn't hurt to have Crit Rate substats in there), since he's one of the most attack-y pengs to choose from.


LEADER SLOT team composition ideas:

Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)
Perna (Fire Phoenix)
Woochi (Wind Taoist)/Theomars (Water Ifrit)
Notes: Fire Chimera would entirely outclass Naki in the leader slot, so he wasn't included. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Since Naki doesn't do much damage, that's what Tesarion and Perna are there for. Tesarion to do hella damage to enemies Naki has provoked, and Perna because he gets a great boost from that leader skill (so does Tesarion I guess), making him a bulky attacker and capable of taking freakish amounts of damage with his passive. Finally, Wind Taoist to help against Water mons/teams, and to keep them from moving as much as possible. You can use Theomars because he gets elemental advantage no matter what he attacks, but he doesn't really help against multiple mons and doesn't keep them from moving, either.

Gildong (Water Taoist)
Praha (Water Oracle)
Notes: Since Theomars always gets elemental advantage, you can focus entirely on a Water team without worrying about covering your weaknesses (of course, feel free to replace Taoist if you think you can't rely solely on Theomars). Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Everyone except Praha (and Toma) here can lower defense fairly reliably, maximizing your chances to spam Toma's Crush Iceberg skill (and your chances to generally be a nuisance). Praha is there to keep everyone alive, since obviously Toma is squishy, and his Leader skill maximizes the use utility of Daydream.

Ethna (Wind Hell Lady)
Jamire (Wind Dragon)
Notes: Theomars makes for great weakness protection in this case, since he gets literally everything, not just Fire (though that's the obvious thing he needs to get). Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Wind Valkyrja would mostly outlcass Mav in the Leader slot, so she wasn't included here. Basically, Jamire to reset the cooltime on everyone's skills (with an emphasis on Mav of course) and be awesome support, Ethna to do the loads of damage you're missing out on with Mav, Theomars to be Theomars, and Mav to help keep them fresh and hitting hard. Mav is the main thing keeping them alive here, so keep that in mind; the goal of this team is to kill as quickly as possible by avoiding a bunch of status debuffs that would otherwise plague the team. Wind Lich might also be an interesting idea with this kind of Leader skill.

Yeonhong (Light Sky Dancer)
Shazam (Light Beast Monk)
Dover (Light Kobold Bomber)/Theomars
Notes: This team is made to move often and not die. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Theomars is there if you're a little worried your lack of hard hits will be a problem, but honestly it shouldn't be. (Seriously, Theomars is the best Ifrit after Dark.) Shazam and Yeonhang are there so that this team sticks around for as long as possible. Dover might seem like an odd choice, as he's a nat-5 star, but his multiple attack bar-manipulating skills (his second increases his own, and his third decreases the enemies) make him a great choice in conjunction with Dona's Ready to Attack. Since this team lacks damage, Dona's ability to remove debuffs and Yeonhang and Shazam's healing abilities make it a stall team instead. Let time do the damage! Pretty good on Arena defense.

Woonsa (Dark Pioneer)
Son Zhang Lao (Dark Monkey King)
Nicki (Dark Occult Girl)/Theomars
Notes: While both great theoretical additions to the team, Dark Ifrit and Dark Archangel would both completely outclass Kuna in the Leader slot, so they were excluded. I was considering leaving Woonsa out too, but it depends what you need (Defense or HP), and he's incredibly useful, so I let it slide. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Theomars is there if you're a little worried your lack of elemental advantage will be a problem, but this team revolves around powerful attackers (and in Woonsa's case, preventing setups), so it shouldn't be. This team functions a lot like Mav's in that it's built to kill as quickly as possible, but this one has some utility as well. Namely Woonsa and Nicki, Woonsa keeping enemies as weak as possible, and Nicki both acting as a healer, an area attacker, and an HP disturber. Woonsa and Son Zhang Lao both have Defense lowering skills as well, so they help Kuna function as effectively as possible. 


NON LEADER team composition ideas: (Take this one with a grain of salt, it ultimately depends what you want)

Leader: Rakan (Fire Chimera)
Akhamamir (Wind Ifrit)/Tesarion/Theomars
Beth (Water Hell Lady)
Notes: Wow, all the Ifrits? Depends what you need or want, as usual. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Rakan is the best leader to use if you still want to focus on Naki, because it raises his HP to frightening levels, maximizing his tanking ability. I recommend Akhamamir for this set, to maximize damage on weakened enemies (he's got a higher attack than Tesarion) since Beth, Rakan, and Naki will ideally be inflicting some sort of status effect as often as possible. However, Tesarion can make use of Rakan's Leader skill, and Theomars is just Theomars, so of course he's useful. Focus on attacking potential here, since hopefully Naki will be able to distract heavy attackers and keep anyone with low-ish defense safe. Note that nobody has any healing potential on this team; if you want something that can heal, you should probably replace the Ifrit (oddly enough; alternatively, you could use Dark Ifrit, very useful) with whatever you desire.

Leader: Shi Hou (Water Monkey King)
Tagaros (Fire Inferno)
Notes: No Tesarion here. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Since we're still theoretically focusing on Toma, you can use something instead of Shi Hou that raises the Attack of Water allies by more, buuut that would make Tagaros far less useful here. Tagaros is a nat-4 star monster, but his second skill has a chance to lower the Defense of all enemies, and with Shi Hou's leader skill his attack is extremely frightening. Theomars is useful in general here, but gives your team a general Wind weakness (especially since Tagaros isn't really that hard to kill), and Akhamamir could potentially make better use of Tagaros' ability to lower Defense. However, he can't lower Defense himself, a skill that Theomars boasts. Shi Hou doesn't do a whole lot in terms of being helpful to Toma, but has an incredibly useful general Leader skill, so that's why I chose him.

Leader: Katarina (Wind Valkyrja)
Mei Hou Wang (Fire Monkey King)
Notes: Since Mav isn't focused on to begin with (unlike Toma or even Naki), the goal here is to focus on either Katarina or Mei Hou Wang depending on the enemy team composition. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Katarina in the leader slot will make it really hard to get any sort of status on any of your mons, and even if the enemy succeeds, that's what Mav is there for. Focus on trying to provoke (unless your focus is Mei Hou Wang) and stun with Naki until you have to use Wings of Wind (keep in mind, a single status effect on one of your mons doesn't inherently mean it's Wings time. Use it wisely); if you're using this team setup you might want to try runes that focus on stunning instead of the ones suggested above. You could replace Mei Hou Wang if you'd rather spam Declare War as often as possible, but Mei fits in well with this team because he can take a lot of hits as long as his Defense isn't lowered and he's not racking up DOTs; thusly, this makes the combo of Katarina's leader skill and Mav's Wings of Wind incredibly useful for him.

Leader: Shi Hou
Eladriel (Wind Archangel)
Jun (Fire Samurai)
Notes: Very balanced team composition focused on attack, with some support in Eladriel. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. Shi Hou returns here because Dona has great utility in allowing allies to move faster than usual; mix that with higher attack and the results are awesome. Eladriel is the only thing keeping your allies alive in the health department, but hopefully won't be targeted more than Jun or Shi Hou at first. Jun is a nat-5 star, but mixed with Dona's Ready to Attack and Shi Hou's Leader skill, Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf will do great damage and activate more often with more attacks.

Leader: Theomars
Megan (Water Mystic Witch)
Hwahee (Fire Sky Dancer)
Notes: Megan's not a very strong mon, but Spell of Strengthening is very important. Obviously these are best-case scenarios, so mix and match roles as necessary for your level. While this team isn't as elementally balanced as Dona's, with Theomars as the leader some liberties could be taken for Megan. Since Kuna, Theomars, and Hwahee have decent-but-not-great defense, Spell of Strengthening is an incredibly useful tool, alongside Toad Poison to block beneficial effects and Crow Summoning's high DOT chance. However, feel free to replace her with something stronger if you think Hwahee's Amuse does the job just fine. Speaking of, that's really what Hwahee is there for; buff allies attack and heal when Spell of Strengthening is still on cooldown, to keep Kuna and Theomars' attack stats as high as possible since that's what they focus on. With Kuna, take advantage of your general elemental neutrality to Declare War against any Wind monsters, since you're a little more weak to them due to having two Water elements.

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