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I dunno. I'm bored.

9th favorite class: Demoman

To be quite frank, I'm BAD at Demoman. I know he's versatile, important, and powerful, but I just have a hard time doing anything with him other than Demoknight. Let it be known, you HAVE to know, I don't hate Demoman. I don't even dislike him. But he's my least favorite to play. I just don't have very much playtime with him, and kills aren't as satisfying with anything but a Demoknight, in my opinion. I kill someone with Demoman, and the only reason I celebrate is because I ACTUALLY got a kill with him, assuming I don't have some boots and a shield. 

  • Most common loadout:
    • Bootlegger
    • Splendid Screen
    • Pain Train
  • Best loadout:
    • Loch-N-Load
    • Splendid Screen
    • Eyelander
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Scotsman's Stovepipe
    • Whiskey Bib
    • Bearded Bombardier

8th favorite class: Engineer

Boring and frustrating, that's most of my experience with Engineer. You wait around with your sentry set up and wait for some unexpecting loser to walk past it. Afterwards, your sentry is shortly bombarded with explosives, ubers, and anything to get your hard work out of the way. Thus the cycle begins again, though probably without the first part. However, I do have a lot of fun playing Engineer when I can turn my back on my sentry and go off on my own free will. If I'm not trying to hard, Engie is a blast: I'll set up a sentry near spawn or something, and then wander off and let it do whatever. If I do that, then being Engie isn't nearly as bad of an experience. 

  • Most common loadout:
    • Rescue Ranger
    • Wrangler
    • Wrench
  • Best loadout:
    • Frontier Justice
    • Pistol
    • Gunslinger
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Dogfighter
    • Mutton Mann
    • Pardner's Pompadour

7th favorite class: Medic

As it stands, I can't play Medic until tomorrow. My current one is literally broken pretty much. Alt fire and even sometimes normal fire don't like responding to me about half the time. And that's not exaggeration. That's pretty much reality. Even so, however, I'm not a particularly good Medic. If my heal target dies and there aren't any more around, I'm not smart enough to run away if the situation is helpless. I almost ALWAYS go offensive, and always lead myself into perilous situations. Plus I'm too paranoid of Spies. Regardless, I love being a battle medic, and can actually be somewhat useful every once in a while.

  • Most common loadout:
    • Syringe Gun
    • Quick Fix
    • Solemn Vow
  • Best loadout:
    • Syringe Gun
    • Vaccinator
    • Amputator
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Mustachioed Mann
    • Fashionable Megalomaniac
    • Heat of Winter

6th favorite class: Spy

This is where things are starting to get hard. I had the first three right off the top of my head, but from this point on, it's gonna take me a little more thought. It was hard for me to put Spy in this spot, it really was, but when it comes right down to it, Spy isn't exactly my go-to class if I'm getting dominated or really need to get past something. However, it's damn fun to play, and a class I've invested in time and time again. Shows how bad I am at trading. Anyway, it's really hard NOT to have fun while playing Spy, and no matter what I'm up against, I rarely have a reason to switch from Spy. 

  • Most common loadout:
    • Revolver
    • Knife
    • Invis Watch
  • Best loadout:
    • Enforcer
    • Spy-cicle
    • Invis Watch
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Backstabber's Boomslang
    • Escapist
    • Pom-Pommed Provocateur

5th favorite class: Heavy

I don't always rage Heavy, but when I do, you're going down. Memes aside, I've gotten high killstreaks time and time again with Heavy. Why? I just don't SUCK. A lot of people have a hard time being Heavy and getting used to the speed drop, or watching their back from everything, or being a huge attraction for every other class. But if you can do that, you're nearly unstoppable. I can even use offensive Brass Beast in some occasions, depending on how bad the opposition is. I have a lot of playtime as Heavy, and it's fun to play him and fun to WIN.

  • Most common loadout:
    • Tomislav
    • Family Business
    • Killing Gloves of Boxing
  • Best loadout:
    • Brass Beast
    • Sandvich
    • Gloves of Running Urgently
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Friendly:
      • Sammy Cap
      • Sandvich Safe
      • Tsarboosh
    • Srs:
      • War Goggles
      • Monstrous Mandible/Bolshevik Biker
      • Bunsen Brave

4th favorite class: Sniper

Whoops, I'm not even good with this mouse. RIP actually good wired mouse. Anyway, headshots like a BOSS. I may not be the Sniper I used to be (mouse aside, my skill has just declined in general), I'm bound to get you at least once. I'm not trying to brag, but it's just kind of a fact. I'm not the best, nor the worst Sniper. Sniper is also as a whole very fun to play, since dominating someone with a string of headshots is just so satisfying. I've seen multiple rage quits come from idiots who just don't know how to countersnipe and aren't smart enough to go Soldier or something. These people are good practice, and I've logged so much time in Sniper it's not even funny.

  • Most common loadout:
    • Hitman's Heatmaker
    • SMG
    • Kukri
  • Best loadout:
    • Machina
    • Cozy Camper
    • Shahanshah
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Birdman of Australiacatraz
    • Sir Hootsalot
    • Cold Killer

3rd favorite class: Pyro

I was honestly surprised that this was so far up, especially considering I don't play Pyro much. But really, Pyro is INCREDIBLE fun. I've never gone Pyro and had a bad experience. Even the next two classes I've had bad days with. He's also, I find, the most versatile and usable of all the classes. Not to mention he doesn't have even a single weapon I don't like. How surprising is that? Every single weapon's a blast to use in its own unique way.

  • Most common loadout:
    • Phlogistinator
    • Flare Gun
    • Back Scratcher
  • Best loadout:
    • Degreaser
    • Scorch Shot
    • Neon Annihilator
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Cotton Head
    • Soot Suit
    • Mark of the Saint

2nd favorite class: Soldier

If you've ever played this game with me before, these last two classes should come as no surprise. They both have the most play time for me, they're both easily my best classes, and they're both my go to class for dominations, breaking spawn camps, and generally being a nuisance. Soldier is probably my most played class, and might just be my best, tying with Scout quite easily. He's fun to play and simple to use, yet I've still got enough skill with him to impress some free to play people. 

  • Most common loadout:
    • Original
    • Gunboats
    • Pain Train
  • Best loadout:
    • Original
    • Gunboats
    • Market Gardener
  • Dream hat/misc set:
    • Head Honcho
    • Hornblower
    • Teufort Tooth Kickers

1st favorite class: Scout

The tie between the last two was fierce, but Scout ultimately reigns supreme. He's got the better weapons and more versatility than Soldier in the long run, and no matter what you use, a domination isn't too hard to get. I knew from the moment I started TF2 that I wanted to master the Scout. While mastery may be a long ways away for me, there's no doubt I'm not bad, and there's no doubt that I'm not gonna stop where I am. Scout is my favorite class. And that's all I have to say.

  • Most common loadout:
    • Scattergun
    • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
    • Boston Basher
  • Best loadout:
    • Scattergun/Soda Popper
    • Flying Guillotine
    • Sandman
  • Dream hat/misc set (keep in mind I run the Femscout mod):
    • Hero's Tail
    • Fast Learner
    • Essential Accessories


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